Generator Repairs

Power-West has been servicing generators for over 30 years! Our technicians are trained to handle both new & used equipment repairs & servicing. We will work hard to troubleshoot the problem and determine the most cost-effective repairs required. Unlike dealers who are quick to recommend new equipment upgrades or costly part replacements, our experience in working with used equipment empowers us with the ability to determine exactly what needs to be serviced!

Preventative Maintenance

Power-West knows that if you have already taken the steps to install an emergency standby generator system, you understand the need for a reliable power security. In order to ensure generator power on demand, regular preventative maintenance of your unit is required. Regular preventative maintenance can significantly reduce the risks of costly major repairs, and give you the peace of mind, that your generator will operate effectively when its needed most.

Load Bank Testing

Power-West is also fully equipped to perform Load Bank Testing on your generator set. Load Bank testing of generators helps to keep them ready for emergencies. You will know your generator output is up to specifications. Regular testing is the absolute best way to make sure your power system will operate as specified when you need it most.

load bank testingLoad Bank Testing allows a standby or prime power system to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency power situation. It confirms the generator set’s ability to come up to full load and stay there without overheating and possibly shutting down.

Such testing also includes evaluation of other critical engine system specification such as oil and fuel pressure to make sure the engine is well lubricated and gets enough fuel to produce the power you need it to provide.


The load bank reduces the risk to the critical facility load of total loss of power and loss of quality of power. Critical application of power such as hospitals, health care, computer data center, production facilities or just your home power system has created the need to maximize the quality and reliability of systems.

Especially for your diesel engine it is important that any equipment test is done with a real load attached to your generator in order not to damage your generator set while testing it. Load Bank Testing by Power-West will prolong the life of your power equipment and reduce the risk of unnecessary engine or generator failure.